Sunday, March 15, 2015

alvinwriter's Get Your Belly Flat Fast Tips to Getting Six Pack Abs

Alvin Ramirez talks with Alexander "The Engineer" Lim about the writing of the book, Get Your Belly Flat Fast: alvinwriter's Quick Guide to Six Pack Abs

"To get six pack abs, you need to exercise and eat well, so you also get the benefits of being more healthy and fit." ~alvinwriter

Six pack abs. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. The fact is, they are a part of what we are as human beings. We all have six pack abs. They are only hidden or developed to certain degrees. It's not a necessity to have six pack abs bulging in your midsection, but some feel a primal desire to make them stand out. It could be a cultural and social thing. but by sporting six pack abs, you get a boost in your confidence; you become less shy and more bold in mingling with people and asserting yourself. If you have a six pack, you flaunt it! Image aside, let's not forget the health benefits of having six pack abs. To get them, you need to exercise and eat well, which means you lose fat and get the nutrition you need to bring on those six packs. In the interview, it's revealed that by having the desire and acting to get six pack abs, you consequently get the benefit of being more healthy and fit. 

What's in this ebook, Get Your Belly Flat Fast: alvinwriter's Quick Guide to Six Pack Abs, is based on the author's experiences working out in the gym and what he'd seen people do to get six pack abs. It's what inspired him to write the book. It contains a lot of tips on how to motivate oneself and to get the best out of your efforts, inside and outside of the gym. What does this mean? According to the author, it simply means that by following the tips in this book, you can actually get six pack abs even when you're not consciously working towards them. It's a lifestyle that can be adopted with the good habits that go with it. The author says that if you keep these habits and partner them with the desire to have six pack abs, then you will definitely get positive results.

Results, though, will vary depending on your body type and your commitment, but if you need to start somewhere, why not check out this book? As always, consult your doctor before you engage in any kind of exercise and diet program.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Welcome to AuthorStory Blog!

Welcome to AuthorStory!

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