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Kiyoshi Shimada of Happy Science: Basics of Exorcism by Master Ryuho Okawa

Kiyoshi Shimada talks to Alexander “The Engineer” Lim, host of AuthorStory by about Master Ryuho Okawa’s book, Basics of Exorcism: How to Protect You and Your Family from Evil Spirits.

“Be open to what you live for on this Earth.” ~Kiyoshi Shimada

Kiyoshi Shimada has been a staff member for Happy Science for twelve years and had been involved with Happy Science for ten years prior to that, and over the course of time, he has been called in to help people who have been afflicted by evil spirits. According to him, Happy Science is a religious organization that believes in the Origin of Life, which is also known as God the Father or the Eternal Buddha, and that all religions can be united to avoid all the conflict and dissent among these. Likewise, according to him, Master Okawa has spiritual abilities and spiritual wisdom, the lessons of which he is passing on to people.

Kiyoshi related that Buddha himself encountered evil spirits during his meditations, which he overcame through enlightenment and by spreading enlightenment with others. The Buddhist methodology focuses on self-reflection, as, since like attracts like, someone with negative energy vibrations will attract negative beings (such as evil spirits) and negativity, while someone with positive energy vibrations will attract positive beings and positivity. Kiyoshi noted six factors which attracts evil spirits, which are:

  1. Greed - desire for something one doesn’t deserve
  2. Anger - particularly uncontrolled anger
  3. Ignorance - of what is good and what is bad
  4. Pride/conceit - “I am always right”
  5. Doubt - doesn’t believe in anyone else
  6. Wrong view - belief in something wrong that causes disharmony

Evil spirits, according to Kiyoshi, are beings that once lived on Earth, has had more negative impact on the world than positive impact, and have passed away, which means that it’s not just criminals who become evil spirits. Evil spirits draw their energy from negative energy, which can come from such emotions as fear, hate and sadness, and as this comes from people they would work to influence the living away from positive energies. He noted that evil spirits could also be passed on through those who are already affected by these, and that one’s ancestors who were subject to their influences in the past could seek help from living kin to get to the higher spiritual realms. He also noted that evil spirits located in particular places, such as cemeteries or where someone committed suicide, might also possess a person. He also remarks that, according to Buddhist belief, people are reincarnated time and time again until they learn the lessons they need to learn before moving on, and that self-reflection is important to learning these lessons.

Kiyoshi notes that people who engage in negative emotions are more likely to be possessed or affected by evil spirits. The symptoms of a possessed person are:

  • Having a negative/pessimistic /angry world view
  • Feeling like one is not in control of oneself (e.g. looking into the mirror and realizing that “that’s not me”)
  • Feeling unnecessarily cold/chilly, with occasional goosebumps
  • Having a heavy feeling on one’s shoulders
  • Time inversion, wherein one is active at night and sleeps by day
  • Hearing voices whispering in one’s ear (this is an indicator of a serious possession)
  • Wanting to commit suicide or to kill someone else (a red flag)

Kiyoshi remarks that the best way to avoid evil spirits is to achieve a correct way of thinking to create positive energy in the first place. The corrective actions that need to be done to exorcise an evil spirit, however, are:

  • Recognizing that an evil spirit is in action
  • Empower one’s life with positivity, serving the Truth, understanding one’s attachments and distinguishing between good and bad
  • Self-reflection, to bring one’s energy to positive levels, rather than to stay in negative levels
  • Smile and exercise one’s body to maintain one’s body fitness
  • Focus on work

Kiyoshi notes that Happy Science offers prayers or sutras for people to recite to expel evil spirits. He believes that teaching others to be positive and knowing the Truth will make people happier, and doing so is his favorite thing to do, and he dislikes making people unhappy. He is also looking forward to achieving enlightenment in the future.

The website for Master Ryuho Okawa’s book, Basics of Exorcism: How to Protect You and Your Family from Evil Spirits, is,

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