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Jenny Block on The Ultimate Orgasm for Women

Jenny Block talks to Alexander “The Engineer” Lim, host of AuthorStory by about her book, O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm.

“There’s just so much shame connected to women and embracing their sexuality.” ~Jenny Block

Jenny is a retired college professor who taught English for ten years in Richmond, Virginia, and it was after she moved to Dallas, Texas, that she started doing freelance writing. She wrote her first book, Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage, which opened new horizons for her in the form of her being invited to write for various other publications, such as the Huffington Post. Although she did some travel writing, her focus in writing was on the topics of sex, positivity, women and women’s advocacy.

Jenny was drawn into womens’ sexuality from her experience with doing research for her first book, as people felt comfortable interacting with her on the topic, and also when she got invitations to write about womens’ sexuality. She decided to write this book when she realized that there were a lot of myths about female orgasm, such as there being fifteen different kinds of female orgasm, and the information presently available to the public isn’t exact. Jenny then did research on the topic, which included surveying 150 women as well as drawing from her own personal experiences, and discovered that there is only one kind of female orgasm that is based on clitoral orgasm, although this can be created in several ways on the female body.

Jenny put all the facts about female orgasm in her book, making it a repository of all that was necessary to know about female orgasms, which she defines as a nervous system reaction that is the height of sexual pleasure, and in women orgasms occur when the clitoris, which has some eight thousand nerve endings compared to virtually none in the vagina, reaches a peak of intensity which slowly decreases, but after which can be re-stimulated to intensity over and over again. Where men are concerned, Jenny recommends that they make sure their female partner feels safe and comfortable with them, take the time to stimulate their female partner properly, and that, for women, it’s all about the clitoris, with intercourse not being the main event. Jenny also advises that men make the woman come first before conducting penetration, as, for women, what is presently called “foreplay” is the main event.

Jenny wrote the book as an easy read, so that anyone can pick it up and understand it easily, and from the feedback that she got it seems that she succeeded. She admits that the hardest thing about writing this book was that, since it was written with women in mind, she would be seen as a militant, man-hating feminist, whereas her entire goal was about creating equality and connection on both sides, and she thus would prefer that husbands and boyfriends likewise read the book. She admits that the process of writing the book has made her realize just how lucky she is in her sexual experiences and how important the subject matter is to women. She also hopes that, by reading her book, people will realize the myths they operated under and understand that women are sexual creatures.

Jenny noted that shame is probably the biggest issue confronting women when it came to women having an orgasm, with its coming in several forms, such as body shame (how womens’ anatomies look) and also shame in how women sound and shame in how they ask for what they want, to the point where women are ashamed to want any pleasure at all (“nice girls don’t need to enjoy sex”), which adversely impacts the event for both male and female partners. She recommends that the focus be taken off the act of intercourse itself and that the definition of sex also include such activities that are presently thought of as foreplay. She also notes that, if all women knew how beautiful they were, free of the sense of shame that women are bombarded with all the time from the environment, the cosmetics industry and glossy magazine company would go out of business very quickly.

Jenny remarks that, for women, there are a lot of other things that come into play where sex and achieving orgasms are concerned, such as connection, intimacy and feeling safe. She also remarks that imagination plays a role in female masturbation, which is the topic of her next book, and that, even in the private thoughts of a lot of women, shame plays a role in inhibiting them sexually. Jenny also suggests committing to taking the time to having an orgasm in the same way one would commit to an exercise regime.

Jenny is interested in exploring topics which lead to connection, not only between men and women but also with each other, as well as making people realize things about themselves and their perspectives. She likes the phrase, “It’s all happening,” as, for her, it means that things are going well, while “moist” is the word that she dislikes. She also wouldn’t mind going back to teaching in college and impacting the students she would steward.

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